Clean it like you mean it

Cleaning is a never ending process, specially when it comes down to a closet 🙂 couple weeks ago I watched a cute Japanese movie that was based on the book written by Marie Kondo “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing”. I’ve heard about that book before, but haven’t read it, and this movie was a great and easy introduction.

For the last couple of years I’ve head that yearning feeling to clean up all the things around me. It felt like in the pile of everything, I have lost something or can’t find what have been looking all this time. I’ve started “spring cleaning” on multiple occasions, but most of the time, I would either never finish or by the time I finish one side the other gets to a disaster point.

Last week I woke up at 5am for no particular reason, and for no reason was excited to start the day 😀 So that morning, I took all my clothes out of every single corner and put it all in one big pile in the living room….thinking that I’ll go through that pile in a week. My plan was to work on that pile everyday, but it has been already more than a week, and the pile is still there. However, I did make some progress the other evening, but got stopped by a spider that freaked me out. I have a box where I keep all my hats and scarfs, and I started going through it, pulled out one hat and IT WAS THERE!….soooo I haven’t gone close to the pile since then 😀

This incident (yeah the one when some spider attacked me and almost ate my soul!) made me think that it’s pretty much the same when we go through a pile of our emotions. When we start going though something, and working … seeing some progress already… getting deeper…and boom! some nastiness pops out and you freak out. You didn’t even know that you had it there, and it is crawling through your stuff. That is those grudges, negative thoughts, self petty and etc. crawls in to your mind…your heart…At first, one negative thought might look pretty harmless, but if you won’t get rid of that soon enough …next thing you know a spider web has been set up…and then another one.. and then you’ll see little spider kids are running around everywhere all happy…and they’re learning to build their webs. Then boom chicka wow… and you’re all tied up and numb from their venom!!! #youcanstartfreakingoutrightaboutnow 😀

Alright I freaked myself enough now…so tonight I’ll tackle that pile!

To be continued…