Dancing Bug

Ohhh dancing … whether moving my body to the rhythms of techno house bass, RnB soothing sounds, belly dancing drums, Hip Hop funky beat, or Turkish romani story telling… ohh I love it all! But there are two dances that stand out the most for me: Salsa and Bachata #drooling haha

I caught this latin dancing bug about 7 years ago. It crept up on me at one of the college parties, where pretty tipsy Colombians got tired of our drunk Russian techno jamming and switched it to THEIR music 🙂  And there it was… my first salsa dancing lesson #hearagloriousmusiconthebackgroundnow

However, my salsabachata cherry wasn’t popped till couple years later. To be more specific in September 2011, when I took a real for real Salsa and Bachata basics lesson at one of the local studios. After one month dance lessons program there was three months one, which got followed by joining a dance team and learning all the cooking behind the stage. I haven’t mastered the Dance performing art hehe nor got to the advanced level in it… one day… But with social dancing, I think I got to a pretty decent level…at least that’s what they say 🙂

Ever since then my restless feet keep bringing me back to social dancing parties. Due to some twisted circumstances, going dancing  in our little town comes with not only excitement for me, but also a bitter feeling. Well actually a whole variety box of different not so pleasant feelings. Why do I come back? At different times there was a different reason. Once it was a desire to get so good at dancing… then wishing to fit in and be accepted…then hopeful thinking that things will change in my favor…that phase lasted a looooooooooooooong time haha…there was even a time when I wished that I’d never took a salsa class… I wanted to not to love to dance….then I got to a place where I don’t want any of that…I don’t try to fit in anymore, I’m not looking for acceptance, I don’t wait for things to be different…now I’m just showing up for dancing 🙂

I’m coming back to grab a little bit of magic that dancing does to my mind and my body. It’s not about dance partners, or us while we dance.. it’s purely loving a state of me while I dance. Of course dance partners matter haha they lead the magic flow haha But what I’m talking about is my connection to the music, and how it makes my body move, and how the movement makes me feel. It sort of a meditative state for me, when I release different thoughts and emotions.

No matter how much I lift weights, run, do yoga, walk , hike, bike, or even dance other styles, there comes a time when I feel how my body craves salsabachata cure. And that dancing cure is so overdue by now.

I guess… let’s dance 🙂



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